Advanced Electronic Design and Consulting
Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design
Architectural Development for Best Solutions
Turnkey to high profitable solutions
Target High Expectation Needs


GEDEC can provide any semiconductor-electronic services an all-round consulting activity, from the definition and the design of the electronic system, the ASIC and the interface between them, the management of the top schematic and layout of the integrated circuit, to the full custom design for complex analog macro-cells.

Based on our well formed experience (12+ years) in Analog Front End Design, GEDEC is able to design and develop any your idea or customer product specification into a concrete and successful silicon result, in any technology node, starting from BCD and HV-CMOS to CMOS deep submicron processes.

The well formed experience especially in analog design and ASIC-IPs development can meet easily and with high expectation your needs and targets.