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Switching Regulators

Topologies developed:

  • PWM/PFM Voltage Mode Buck Converters
  • PWM/PFM Voltage Mode Boost Converters
  • PWM/PFM Voltage Mode Buck/Boost Converters
  • Full Hysteretic DCDC converter
  • PWM/PFM LEDs Drivers
  • Regulated Charge Pumps for LED Driver application


  • Input/output voltages from 0.5V up to 40V according with technology issues
  • Efficiency up to 95%
  • Switching frequency up to 2.5Mhz
  • Fixed and desirable switching frequency defined by PWM control or Ripple Compensation Network
  • Automatic or selectable functionality modes (PWM/PFM) to improve efficiency
  • Internal Compensation for small and cheap ceramic capacitors use
  • Internal or external Power Devices
  • Resistor-less Current Sensing
  • Optimized Power Devices Layout for dissipation and substrate isolation