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Linear Regulators

Linear voltage Low Drop Out (LDO) voltage regulators

Topologies developed:

  • LDO Voltage Regulators dedicated to RF supply section
    – High PSRR (up to 80dB from 10Hz to 20kHz, 60dB at 100kHz)
    – Low Noise (below 10uV RMS)

  • LDO Voltage Regulators dedicated to BB supply section
    – Low quiescent current (below 10uA)
    – Quiescent current adaptable to output current
    – Soft Start and Power on Reset management

  • LDO Voltage Regulators dedicated to Backup and RTC supply section
    – Very Low Quiescent Current (below 2uA)
    – diode emulation to prevent reverse current from the backup battery

  • LDO Voltage Controllers dedicated to high current applications
    external FETs (DDR supply, Micro Supply, …)


  • Small Ceramic external Capacitors (from 1nF to 10µF)
  • Built-in over-current sensing and protection
  • Optimized Power Devices Layout for area saving