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Target High Expectation Needs

High Performances Auxiliary Cell

Topologies developed:

  • High PSRR, Low Noise Trimmable Bandgap Voltage reference
  • PSRR up to 90dB, noise below 10uV RMS, 40ppm from -40 to 85deg
  • Very low power, Low voltage supply Trimmable Bandgap Voltage reference
  • Quiescent current below 5uA, supply down to 1.0V
  • DAC
  • ADC
  • Power amplifiers
  • Operational amplifiers
  • RC/IC oscillators
  • T-Twin external RC oscillators
  • Crystal oscillator driver
  • Power switches
  • Level Shifters, Power-on Reset, Voltage Monitors
  • Customized Polysilicon fuses matrix
  • Low Jitter PLL
  • Shunt regulators and Buffer Chopper for offset compensation