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Photovoltaic Design

A custom ASIC fully integrated solution for Photovoltaic Panels (PVP) Energy or Scavenging System Energy Provider is under development.


  • Highly integrated solution
  • Advanced interface for Photovoltaic (PV) panels and/or Scavenging System (SS)
  • Input voltage source from 2.5V up to 20V
  • Output driver for external Ultracapacitor energy tank
  • Output driver for external rechargeable batteries
  • Intergrated high efficiency DCDC converter with programmable output from 0.9V up to 5V with 1A capability
  • Integrated smart battery charger for rechargeable batteries
  • Safety charge timer during Preconditioning and Fast charger
  • Accurate and programmable integrated temperature sensor for the device and the external battery
  • Very low power functionality modes solution
  • Power-down mode consumption less than 2µA


The GEDEC_IC1 is an advanced integrated circuit device mainly suited to manage the free alternative energy, such as the solar power, to be stored into a PbFree storage device. These storage device could be a rechargeable battery or a Super/Ultra capacitor.
A new frontier of energy generator such as the scavenging system (or harvesting system) can be also managed.
The GEDEC_IC1 is mainly suited for highly integrated and space limited applications. It integrates an high efficiency DCDC voltage converter and a most advanced CHARGER device.
The DCDC voltage converter is able to get the input power coming from the PV panel or Scavenging System and generates a user-defined programmable output power to be used for charging an external tank capacitor or supply directly an external device.
The CHARGER device can perform the most advanced procedures to be used in charging an external rechargeable battery, such as Pre-Conditioning, Constant-Current, Constant-Voltage charging modes.
A Pulsed-Width-Modulation (PWM) charging method can be also programmed and used.
The CHARGER integrates also: a user-programmable accurate temperature sensor for the device itself and the external battery, a battery detector and over/down voltage and current detector.
The CHARGER device can fit Lithium Ion (LiIon), Lithium Poly (LiPoly) and Nickel-Metal Hydrade (NiMH) battery types.


  • Portable devices
  • PDAs
  • MP3 player
  • Internet appliances