Advanced Electronic Design and Consulting
Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design
Architectural Development for Best Solutions
Turnkey to high profitable solutions
Target High Expectation Needs


GEDEC skills and expertise in integrated circuit design is guarantee through many proven successful silicon results in different semiconductor processes and developed for top worldwide ASIC design house
GEDEC skills and expertise in electronic system design and development is guarantee through many successful results and fully satisfaction coming from customers
GEDEC contributed in designing almost all products and analog cells included in the ATMEL Power Management product line
GEDEC has the capability and know-how to develop new state-of-the art electronic design and IP on demand (the team has 2 registered patents)

We designed in many semiconductor processes and technolgy such as:

  • ATMEL Standard – High Voltage CMOS 0.18/0.35 хm
  • ATMEL Embedded Non Volatile Memory
  • ST Standard CMOS 0.18/0.35 хm
  • ST BCD 0.18/0.35 хm
  • Infineon CMOS 0.13/0.35 хm
  • XFAB CMOS 0.18/0.35 хm
  • TSMC CMOS 0.18 ахm
  • TSMC BCD 0.25 ахm
  • UMC CMOS 90 хm