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GEDEC (GEnova DEsign Center) is an independent electronic system and integrated circuit design house, mainly focused in advanced electronic and microelectronics design, development and technology services.

Its competences are based on well formed skills coming from many years of work experience for many Microelectronics and Electronics worldwide leader companies. GEDEC state-of-the-art expertise and innovative organization can easily and fast answers to any hardware electronic and microelectronic customer needs.

GEDEC can propose a complete solution for any idea or electronic needs, starting from concept or specifications development and design up to the final production and qualification.

Latest News

  • GEDEC was bought by Microtest GROUP
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  • INVENTVM Analog Design

    Dual Input Battery Charger with configurabile conversion ratio IC Design

  • INFINEON Analog Design Support

    Lidar Sensors Analog Interface IC Design

  • TI Analog Design Activities

    IPs/ICs Analog Mixed-Signal Verification

  • DIALOG Consulting and Design

    Advanced PMU Design in Munich Design Center

  • NXP Consulting and Design

    Automotive ICs Design in Graz Design Center

  • INFINEON Analog Design Support

    3D Image Camera for Tango project
  • TI Analog Design Support

    Power Management ICs Design GEDEC team attendant TI seminars

  • Power Management ICs Design
    PhotoVoltaic (PV) Power Management System
Skills and expertise in integrated circuit design and electronic system design.
Any semiconductor-electronic services an all-round consulting activity